Buying steroids from China

Buying Steroids from China

China is the main producer, together with India and some countries in Eastern Europe, of all raw materials (powders and oils) essential to make finished and semi-finished steroids. There are dozens of labs, all operating in a sort of semi-legality. China doesn’t have underground labs or home-brew operations like USA or Australia. Instead, there are dozens of pharmaceutical medium-sized facilities producing cosmetics, medicines, and also, on the side, steroids. This is common practice not only in China: British Dispensary, one of the oldest firms in Thailand, became worldwide famous because of their Pink Anabol, possibly the best known steroid of all time.

Warehouse Disel Biotech China is one of the many manufacturers of raw materials for steroids. This brand is unknown, as almost all of these Chinese operations are. Disel Biotech also produces custom-branded finished steroids, adding labeling, verification codes and expiry dates for their largest customers. As an example, Superbolic could become a new brand of steroids, with a cool label and verification code, like hundreds of similar brands on the market. The brand may be Superbolic but what is inside comes from the Disel Biotech facility in Wuhan province. This also explains why all their products arrive plain, without any label.

Warehouse Disel Biotech China ships to every country. The initial part of the order’s journey won’t appear in the tracking code, as the shipping agent ships to a “middleman” country first, then to the destination country, to avoid customs inspections. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the major problem was to pass airport checks: Customs inspections in certain countries, notably Canada, Norway and Australia, were almost impossible to pass through. That is why many steroid retailers still do not ship, or reship, to these countries. Therefore, Chinese suppliers introduced the triangular shipping strategy to bypass these obstacles.

During the COVID-19 pandemic international shipping has been further messed-up by overloaded shipping routes and hubs, understaffed facilities, borders closures and all sorts of restrictions. In this very volatile situation, warehouse Disel Biotech China has been shipping orders worldwide, using various strategies according to the ever changing situation at any destination.